KAMA has a wide scope of products and services that can
cater to almost all of the client’s needs from design to implementation of the project.

Products include all types of glass and aluminium for façades, doors, and windows while services include design and engineering, provision of shop and fabrication
drawings, fabrication, assembly, installation, and maintenance.


Curtain Wall Panel, Doors and Windows, Louver Panels, ACP Cladding, Aluminium Brackets, Steel Brackets and Stainless Steel Components.

Installation work

Glass Façade Spider System, Curtain Wall Unitized System.

Design and Engineering

KAMA engineering team is a leader in engineering design, investigation and analysis, providing solutions serving our clients on projects of all sizes and complexity.

Performance test

KASKAL has created and constructed the most advanced facade testing facility, available for commercial use in South East Asia.

Safety and security

The project safety requirements shall be carried out in accordance with the Project Safety Management Plan

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Safety Management Procedure

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Safety Training & Other Activities

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